5 Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

Are you looking to align your teeth and are curious about the benefits of doing so? Well, you have reached the perfect blog for you! It has the power not only to make your smile look fantastic but also to boost your general health. Straight Smiles Orthodontics is here to discuss the five health benefits of straight teeth and how you can achieve your smile goals with our team. 


1) You Bolster Your Self-Confidence

You can see the confidence in those with perfectly aligned teeth. Nothing feels better than putting time and effort into treatment and seeing the payoff of all your hard work. Your smile affects many aspects of your life, and feeling assured in it can drastically improve your well-being and desire to put yourself out there.

Your grin is one of your greatest assets associated with success in both personal and professional relationships. Straight Smiles Orthodontics loves seeing the incredible confidence boost in our patients after their braces are removed!


2) You Lower Your Chances of Gum Disease

Upholding daily oral hygiene is a significant step in your routine, which only becomes more straightforward with aligned teeth. Having many hard-to-reach areas in your mouth and inability to do so can cause plaque buildup and gum disease. 

Ensuring your teeth are in their proper position prevents them from receding and protects you from bone loss and further bite issues. Drs. Nicholas and Tom Rafaill reinforce the importance of teeth cleaning and are always happy to share best practices at your next appointment. 


3) You Avoid Wear and Tear

When your teeth cannot distribute pressure across your teeth properly and instead place unnecessary force in specific areas, you are more likely to suffer from related complications over a long period, such as chips, cracks, loss of enamel, and erosion. Biting down with crooked teeth can also cause discomfort while chewing if done too hard or in the wrong direction. 

Straightening your teeth, especially for patients with bite issues, protects against chips and cracks. They are better equipped to handle wear and tear as pressure is more evenly distributed throughout your mouth. It can even help reduce chronic headaches related to dental issues.


4) You Speak More Clearly

If your teeth are misaligned or protruding, you may pronounce some words or phrases differently than friends and family. This is the cause of bite issues affecting how your teeth and tongue interact with each other, potentially resulting in poor articulation or a lisp. 

With the help of Drs. Nicholas and Tom Rafaill’s expertise in orthodontic treatment, our team works to align your teeth and jaw in the correct position, allowing your tongue to move and rest as needed when speaking. This includes fixing the intake of your airflow. A direct, unobstructed path allows proper pronunciation, projection, and volume. 


5 Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

5) You Have Less of a Risk of Dental Injuries

When your teeth protrude outward or crowd, you may be more susceptible to a dental injury. This is because when a tooth is out of place, it is not protected or covered by your gums, lips, and jawbone. 

That being said, you could experience a chipped or broken tooth from activities such as sports, taking a fall to the ground, or directly bumping into a wall. Instead, with straightened teeth, your teeth stay safe in their place, and you won’t have to worry about potentially complex procedures in case of an emergency. 


Can You Be Born with Perfect Alignment?

Some may not need orthodontic intervention, but it is common for many people to experience varying degrees of crowding, misalignment, spacing issues, and other complications. The sooner you address these issues, the easier they will be to fix so you can enjoy a healthier life!

It is rare to enjoy straight teeth without getting dental work done, though it is possible. Many factors, including genetics, early childhood habits, and environmental interactions, impact the positioning of your teeth. Each changes how they begin development and how their overall health prospers over time according to everyday behaviors. Some teeth may appear perfectly aligned but could still use work to achieve the best results. 


You Can Enjoy Straightened Teeth, Too!

Metal Braces

A tried-and-true appliance choice, metal braces are an affordable and durable option used by many to fix even the most complex dental issues. They are comprised of brackets, wires, elastics, and sometimes additional components to slowly shift your teeth in the correct direction with constant pressure. Metal braces continue to advance each year, making them smaller and more comfortable than ever.

Clarity Clear Braces

Clear braces are a great aesthetic alternative to their metal counterpart, allowing for a nearly invisible appearance throughout treatment. They are perfect for older teens and adults looking to improve their alignment with the apparent look of orthodontic work. This appliance is made of clear ceramic materials to blend in with the shade of your teeth, though you’ll never have to worry about staining!

Clear Aligners

The two mentioned appliances are bonded to your teeth; however, we also provide the convenience of a removable appliance for those looking to continue their daily routine as closely as possible. Clear aligners are made up of a set of clear plastic trays that are placed over your teeth and slowly move your teeth into place over time. 


5 Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

Start Treatment Toward Straight Teeth Today! 

Now that you understand more of the benefits of enjoying aligned teeth, our team at Straight Smiles Orthodontics is ready to help you begin your smile journey! We are proud to support those looking to work on their dental health and take our time so you understand the process. We proudly serve Shelby Township, Novi, Rochester Hills, and the surrounding communities with our orthodontic expertise. Schedule your free consultation with Drs. Nicholas and Tom Rafaill!