What Sets Us Apart?

You and your smile are two of a kind, so you deserve an orthodontic care plan that‘s as unique as you. Dr. Nicholas Rafaill and the team at Straight Smiles Orthodontics deliver efficient, timely, and affordable care that will change your life.

Changing Lives, One Smile at a Time

Having straight teeth and a beautiful smile will transform your world. You’ll no longer be ashamed of crooked teeth, afraid to smile for fear of what others might think.

At Straight Smiles Orthodontics, we’re proud to offer treatment options to help patients of all ages look and feel their best.

Orthodontic treatment involves trust and partnership: you need to know we have your best interests at heart, and you need to be actively involved in your home care. We can’t create a new smile without you!

As a team, we promise to always:

  • Treat you with compassion and respect
  • Provide ethical treatment recommendations
  • Encourage your participation in all aspects of care
  • Answer your questions thoroughly and directly
  • Educate you about your dental health and how you can keep your smile healthy and beautiful
  • Be available when you need us

Family-Owned & Operated

For More Than 60 Years

The Rafaills believe your family will enjoy the best orthodontic care with a personalized and non-corporate-treatment approach.

Corporations tend to treat patients as numbers instead of an extension of the doctor.

You deserve better than big-box braces.


Since 1961, The Rafaills have provided specialized orthodontic care in the Metro-Detroit area. After graduating from The University of Buffalo’s Orthodontic specialty program, Dr. Thomas D. Rafaill returned home to Michigan—when at the time, orthodontic practitioners were few and far between.

The specialty of creating straight smiles was not as established or widespread as it is today. Being one of the few original orthodontists of his time, getting teeth to move was difficult.

Prescription esthetic brackets, flexible wires, and bright-colored rubber bands did not exist. Every tooth needed to be individually custom banded, and tooth movement was only possible by hand-bending every wire.

Despite this, Dr. Thomas Rafaill was very skilled in his specialty and successful in the smiles he created. His goal was to create beautiful, confidence-inducing smiles that would last a lifetime—a goal that we still uphold today!

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Honest Team & Exceptional Results

"I can't say enough about Dr. Rafaill and the staff at Straight Smiles Orthodontics. They were very straightforward with me regarding pricing and treatment time and clearly explained what my expectations should be. I'd highly recommend them to anyone looking to improve their smile!"

— Amy and John C.

Modern Tech for a Stunning Smile

As a part of our commitment to giving you and your family the latest and greatest orthodontic treatments, Dr. Nicholas Rafaill and our team use state-of-the-art technology, including:

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iTero Element

The iTero Element Scanner is a state-of-the-art digital scanning system that eliminates the need for unpleasant traditional alginate impressions—no more messy putty in your mouth!

The iTero Element Scanner lets us digitally capture a detailed 3D model of your teeth and gums.

Carestream CBCT Imaging

Carestream CBCT is a digital, 3D imaging system that helps us provide quick, comfortable, and effective orthodontic imaging for precise diagnosis, treatment planning, and evaluating certain conditions.

We use the data to reconstruct a 3D image of your anatomy: dental (teeth); oral and maxillofacial region (mouth, jaw, and neck); and ears, nose, and throat (ENT).

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays provide several advanced imaging options designed to save time, provide clearer dental photos, and expose you to less radiation than traditional X-ray technology.