Real People, Real Smiles

Our patients can’t stop talking about their experience with Dr. Rafaill and our Straight Smiles Orthodontics team.

We strive to provide the best possible orthodontic care and create lifelong relationships with our patients in Shelby Township, Novi, Rochester Hills, and surrounding areas.

Honest Team & Exceptional Results

"I can't say enough about Dr. Rafaill and the staff at Straight Smiles Orthodontics. They were straightforward with me regarding pricing and treatment time and clearly explained my expectations. I'd highly recommend them to anyone looking to improve their smile!"

— Amy & John C.

Personal Service & Great Results

"The service at Straight Smiles Orthodontics is great! The team is kind and helpful; I've never had a problem with them.

I had braces for 24 months, and my teeth were great! When I asked for Invisalign, it was all good and went smoothly. 10/10 recommend this office!"

— Maya D.

Safe, Comfortable Care

"I always feel like I’m in good hands at Straight Smiles Orthodontics. The front desk team is very welcoming, and the assistants are upbeat.

Dr. Rafaill ensures your safety and comfort at all times. I will continue to send my friends and family to Straight Smiles Orthodontics!"

— Dena P.

Amazing Team & Accommodating Team

"Dr. Rafaill's new office is so cool! I carpool with a neighbor and bring my son and his friend to the office; they are so accommodating!

They have nice hours, and it has been an enjoyable experience! Thanks, Dr. Rafaill!!!"

— Angela S.

A Kind & Caring Team

"My child was terrified of dentists, but Dr. Rafaill and his team have done such a spectacular job of making her comfortable that she no longer has anxiety levels when she visits their office.

She sees all the other kids when she is there and feels like she's part of the team! She has gained confidence in her appearance, and I am grateful to their team for helping her get a great smile!"

— Toni P.

Professional & Helpful

"Dr. Rafaill is honest, knowledgeable, and kind. His team is professional and helpful! We’re incredibly happy with the orthodontic care our kids have received.

Dr. Rafaill is never pushy; he has only suggested his recommended course of action and leaves the decisions to us without pressure. We highly recommend Dr. Rafaill!"

— Amy T.

Excellent Doctor & Team

"All three of my children wore braces from Dr. Rafaill, and their teeth turned out beautiful! Dr. Rafaill is an excellent orthodontist, and the entire office team is very helpful and friendly. I highly recommend Straight Smiles Orthodontics."

— Nichole N.

Caring, Fun, & Professional

"My three children have all had their orthodontic care at Straight Smiles Orthodontics. They all have BEAUTIFUL smiles since their braces were removed. The team that runs the office is superb! The office is super clean, fun, and professional on each visit. Dr. Rafaill is a great orthodontist who cares for each patient's progress and ensures the results are perfect. "

— Lisa G.

Friendly, Professional, & Courteous

“My son and daughter both had braces at Straight Smiles Orthodontics and I cannot say enough about how friendly, professional, and courteous the entire team is. I would definitely recommend Straight Smiles Orthodontics to family and friends.”

— Brad K.

Great Treatment for Every Age

“The team at Straight Smiles Orthodontics takes care of my child as if she is the only patient at the office. They feel like family! The environment is very open and they always inform me about how the treatment is going. I always feel like they have our best interests at heart. I even started treatment as an adult and am so happy that my I did!"

— Frank H.

Friendly, Courteous, & Professional

“Our daughter is currently in braces from Straight Smiles Orthodontics. We could not be more pleased with the service and results we see! A very friendly, courteous, and professional establishment.”

— Joe D.

Amazing Team, Amazing Results

“My daughters have been going to Straight Smiles Orthodontics for a year. Straight Smiles Orthodontics has given them both amazing smiles in such a short amount of time! I am so happy with Dr. Rafaill and his entire team!”

— Emily P.

Expert Orthodontics, Convenient Location

"Our daughter received personalized, hands-on care from the entire team at Straight Smiles Orthodontics. We are thrilled with the results and highly recommend this office. The location is conveniently located, close to her school, and easily accessible! Thank you, Straight Smiles Orthodontics!"

— Wendy T.

You'll Feel At Home

Dr. Rafaill saw my daughters for braces. He listened to our needs and understood what we wanted. One daughter finished treatment before we expected, and the other is almost done. The doctor and team always make us feel like we're at home. I recommend them to anyone!

— John S.