Straight Smiles Speak
for Themselves!

You only get one smile, and you deserve to love it! Check out these amazing before and after photos from some of our Straight Smiles Orthodontics patients treated with braces and clear aligners.

Patient 1


Patient 3


Patient 2


Patient 4


Patient 5


Sally just wanted her space to go away. In 12 months all spaces where closed and she couldn't be anymore excited!

Patient 6

Johnny had a cross-bite (the side upper teeth inside of the lower teeth) which was corrected by an appliance completed by age 10. He now chews evenly and his bite is developing into a much more stable bite.


Patient 7


Brad didn't have enough room in his mouth for an ectopic canine and after braces for about 14 months he cherishes his smile.

Patient 8

Both of Rachael's canines were impacted with no space to fit her all of her teeth. We treated her with braces for about 18 months and now she can't stop smiling!