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Meet Your West Bloomfield Township Orthodontist

Dr. Nicholas Rafaill

"As an orthodontist, I spend my days helping remarkable people change their lives. A person’s smile says so much about them and is often the first thing noticed. When someone is ashamed of their crooked teeth, they hide their smile and are often afraid to make eye contact. But when they have a beautiful smile, that person is confident and secure in social situations. They actively engage with others, talking and laughing, and yes, smiling, with nary a thought to how their teeth appear. They know their smile looks incredible."

-Dr. Nicholas Rafaill

west bloomfield township orthodontist

Dr. Thomas Rafaill

Dr. Tom Rafaill was born in Rochester NY, during Dr. Nick’s orthodontic residency—his father—sparking his love for orthodontics. From a young age, he shadowed his father and grandfather in their orthodontic practices, where he learned the secrets to success in orthodontics.

Growing up in Grosse Pointe Shores, MI, Dr. Tom went to Grosse Pointe North High School and was accepted into The University of Detroit Mercy’s accelerated seven-year dental program. After completing his undergraduate Bachelor's degree in Biology (after only three years!) he attended The University of Detroit Mercy Dental School, where he graduated summa cum laude with his Doctorate in Dental Surgery in 2021.

Immediately after completion of his dental degree, he pursued his passion in orthodontics at The University of Rochester Eastman. This accelerated, two-year residency in orthodontics has been regarded as the top orthodontic program in the nation for decades.


west bloomfield township orthodontist

Orthodontics Across All Ages

Orthodontic care is beneficial for patients of all ages. Here’s how our treatments at Straight Smiles Orthodontics can help children, teens, and adults achieve their best smiles.

west bloomfield township orthodontist

Orthodontics for Children

Starting orthodontic treatment early can guide the growth and development of a child’s jaw and teeth, preventing more severe issues down the road. Early intervention can address problems such as crowding, spacing, and bite issues before they become more complicated. By beginning treatment at a young age, we can ensure that children have a strong foundation for a lifetime of healthy, aligned teeth. Our team works closely with parents to monitor dental development and intervene at the right time to achieve the best results.

west bloomfield township orthodontist

Orthodontics for Teens

The teenage years are an ideal time for orthodontic treatment, as the jaw and teeth are still developing. We understand the busy lifestyles of teenagers and offer flexible treatment options to fit their schedules. Whether participating in sports, band, or other extracurricular activities, our treatments, including traditional braces and clear aligners, can be adapted to meet the needs of active teens. Achieving a straight smile during these formative years can boost confidence and self-esteem, providing long-lasting benefits. Our team provides guidance and support to help teens manage their orthodontic care alongside their daily activities.

west bloomfield township orthodontist

Orthodontics for Adults

It's never too late to achieve the smile you deserve. Orthodontic treatment for adults can correct long-standing dental issues, improve oral health, and enhance overall appearance. We offer discreet treatment options such as clear aligners and ceramic braces, allowing adults to straighten their teeth without the noticeable appearance of traditional braces. Investing in your smile can boost your confidence both personally and professionally, making it a worthwhile endeavor at any age. Our team is dedicated to providing effective and aesthetically pleasing solutions for adult patients.

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