What To Expect from Your First Orthodontic Visit

Welcome to Straight Smiles Orthodontics! Taking the first step towards a straighter smile is a big decision, and we appreciate your trust in our expert team. Every orthodontic journey begins with a consultation, something we provide free of charge for potential patients in Shelby Township, Novi, and Rochester Hills

We do more than simply examine your mouth during this evaluation. It’s one of the most important visits you’ll have with us, allowing you to meet our team and learn more about our services.

If you’re feeling nervous about your first visit, we want to help make the process comfortable every step. With that in mind, let’s look at what you can expect from your free consultation with Dr. Rafaill!

Complete New Patient Paperwork

If you’re new to our practice, we’ll need you to complete intake paperwork during or before your first visit. For your convenience, patient and adult health history forms are available on our website to complete before your appointment. If you prefer, you can also complete this form in the office once you arrive for your appointment. 

Meet Your Treatment Coordinator

Once you’ve checked in with the front desk and completed your paperwork, our treatment coordinator will introduce herself and take you back for photos and X-rays. We use these images to identify any orthodontic problems that are present. Once we take photos and X-rays, we will escort you to the exam room. You’ll learn more about what you can expect from our practice and discuss your concerns about your smile.  

Meet Your Orthodontist

You’ll meet Dr. Rafaill, and he’ll perform a careful examination of your teeth and jaws. He may ask some follow-up questions about your specific concerns as he looks at your mouth. The findings from this exam will form part of your diagnostic records, including the digital photographs and any X-rays we take. 

Dr. Rafaill will use the data from your records to give you an accurate diagnosis and ensure the most appropriate treatment plan for your unique smile. Dr. Rafaill will create a personalized treatment plan for you, outlining each step of the process from start to finish. This plan will also include information on which appliances would be best for you and an estimate of how long treatment will take. 

If he feels you’re ready to start, we can often expedite treatment by scanning for Invisalign or an appliance on the day of your exam. In some cases, Dr. Rafaill can even place braces on the same day!

What To Expect from Your First Orthodontic VisitExplore the Financial Side of Treatment

Once you’ve decided on a treatment plan, we’ll go over the total investment for your new smile. Because every case is unique and everyone responds to treatment differently, the total costs will always vary from person to person. You’ll never have to worry about hidden fees here, though. Our financial coordinator will ensure you understand everything included in your treatment plan before moving on to the next step.

We understand that each family has its own financial needs and will always work with you to ensure your treatment is affordable. If you pay your treatment in full at the time of services, you’ll receive a courtesy discount credited to your account. 

We also offer an in-office payment plan with 0% financing if you prefer to pay over time. We work with most orthodontic insurance companies in Michigan, and our Straight Smiles Orthodontics team will be happy to file your insurance for you!

Making Everything Official

The final step in your consultation will be completing a financial contract and treatment consent form. This makes your orthodontic journey official! Our financial contract outlines the total fees for your treatment, any upgrades included, and the expected insurance benefit amount. 

As the responsible party, you are liable for the contract. If insurance stops payments, you will need to pay the remaining balance to settle the account. Take time to review the contracts carefully and clarify any final questions before signing.

Your consent form permits us to treat you or your child. Legally, nothing can move forward without this form, so be sure to read and initial each statement. This helps us verify that every point has been read and understood before starting treatment. 

At this point, we will take some time to review our office policies. These will generally include our policies on emergency visits, payments, and broken brackets or appliances. There will be some additional information on transferring or discontinuing your treatment.  

What To Expect from Your First Orthodontic VisitYour Free Consultation with Straight Smile Orthodontics

And there you have it! Now you know exactly what to expect from your free consultation with Dr. Rafaill and our expert team. This is the perfect time to take the first step towards a beautiful smile! 

Contact us in Shelby Township at (586) 884-0795, Novi at 248-926-0601, or Rochester Hills at 248-963-0080 to take the first step in your smile transformation. We can’t wait to meet you!