Guide To Your First Week In Braces

At Straight Smiles Orthodontics, our team is here to help you prepare for braces, and everything having this appliance entails. To help you through your first week, we have compiled a guide to help you confidently navigate your way. We will cover everything from packing a kit of essential items to understanding how to handle discomfort. Read on to become a braces expert!


Average Treatment Length

One of our team’s most common questions is how long treatment takes. On average, you can expect to be in braces between one and three years. The answer for your specific case depends on a few things, including your current oral health, the work that needs to be done, and the chosen appliance. 

Of course, some patients fall out of that range if they necessitate simpler or more complicated work to meet their goals. During your free consultation, Drs. Nicholas and Tom Rafaill can answer specific questions and help you better understand your time frame.


Keep The Essentials With You At All Times

Straight Smiles Orthodontic wants you to be prepared for your braces experience, so we have created a list of items to aid you during treatment. Proactively keeping them all available to yourself in a small travel-size bag will help ensure your orthodontic journey continues smoothly!

Floss and Threaders

Including in your kit some floss and the threaders we provide you can help remove any pesky pieces of food stuck between your teeth that won’t budge with your toothbrush. Making it a habit to get rid of them as soon as possible will help prevent bacteria and plaque buildup over time.

Toothbrush and Toothpaste

We recommend keeping a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste with you so you can stay on top of brushing your teeth no matter where you are. When between meals, you can ensure your teeth stay clear of small food particles throughout the day by brushing after each meal.

Orthodontic Wax

Assisting with pointy wires, orthodontic wax is your best friend when dealing with irritation from your appliance against your cheeks and lips. As your mouth adjusts to its presence, having some on hand to paste over the affected area can help prevent further pain.

Over-The-Counter Pain Medication

To help ease any pain or tenderness, taking over-the-counter pain medication can help your teeth when they are sensitive and are still adjusting to the presence of your braces. At your next appointment, we can recommend what will work best for your case and the soreness you may feel.


Handling Initial Discomfort

In your first week, an adjustment period comes with your mouth getting used to the presence of your braces. It will sense that there is something new and react in different ways. This is entirely normal, and symptoms tend to go away on their own without additional care, but there are some things you can do to make the process easier.

If the brackets rubbing against the inside of your cheeks or gums irritates, use orthodontic wax to cover specific areas of your appliance and create a smooth layer over it. You can additionally use non-prescription painkillers to relieve any soreness in your teeth. 


Guide To Your First Week In Braces

We Welcome Your Questions!

Drs. Nicholas and Tom Rafaill understand that getting braces is a big decision that can warrant many changes. Straight Smiles Orthodontics ensures your experience will be as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Whenever you have a question or are unsure about something regarding your appliance, give our front desk a call, and we will help you out. 

One of the ways we work to ensure your confidence in treatment is by providing you with this guide! Each of these tips is a great starting point for keeping your teeth and appliances in great shape to reap the benefits for years.


Getting To Know Your Food Limitations

Modifying your eating habits may take some adjustment, but keeping your appliance in great shape to last throughout your treatment will allow you to complete treatment on time and with perfect teeth.

Foods To Enjoy

There are plenty of soft, easy-to-chew foods you can stock up on and enjoy during your first week and throughout treatment. Some friendly choices include pasta, soups, steamed vegetables, well-cooked chicken, oranges, and eggs. Especially as your teeth adjust, the softer, the better. You may even find a new favorite food in the process!

Foods To Avoid

Unfortunately, some restrictions come with wearing braces, such as avoiding sticky, hard, or crunchy foods that could damage your appliance. Excessive pressure caused by hard, sticky, or foods you must bite into is not meant to be withstood by your braces and can damage the work done. Popcorn, crackers, dense bread, nuts, apples, and the like are best left behind. 


Why Braces Are Worth It?

Increase Your Confidence

Your dental health and self-esteem are more closely connected than you may think. People with straightened teeth are more likely to show off their smiles in front of others and not worry about their appearance. Taking the time to invest in your smile and allow yourself to feel more confident in your everyday life is worth each day that treatment takes!

Simpler Oral Hygiene

Braces can help make your everyday oral upkeep a breeze. When your teeth are straightened out, you can brush and floss your teeth without trouble without any hard-to-reach spots. Food has fewer hiding places, and any bacteria or plaque buildup will be easier to remove.

Smooth Digestion

Correctly aligned teeth properly chew your food into small pieces so your body doesn’t have to work overtime during digestion. This boosts your daily nutritional intake and avoids stomach cramps, aches, heartburn, and an unhealthy gut. The less strain on your stomach, the easier digestion becomes!


Guide To Your First Week In Braces

Work Toward A Healthier Smile!

Straight Smiles Orthodontics is dedicated to making your braces experience a pleasant and comfortable one, and we will be happy to answer any questions that come to mind about your appliance. Drs. Nicholas and Tom Rafaill proudly provide expert orthodontic care to Shelby Township, Novi, Rochester Hills, and the surrounding communities. We will happily schedule your free consultation when you call our office!